Simple steps to creating an eco-friendly office

Simple steps to creating an eco-friendly office
24th March 2021 Team Ecoffee Cup
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The climate change conversation continues to dominate public and private corporate policy and practice globally. With an ever-increasing focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), and as workers return to the office after COVID, now is the perfect time for businesses to focus on some of the simple actions they can take to help make a difference and create a “new normal”. Thanks to the proliferation of reusable and more sustainable products on the market, it’s never been easier for every business to start making a difference.

Green Leadership

Everyone’s journey is unique and Ecoffee Cup is here to help you at your own pace. There are numerous ways you can implement effective and meaningful changes in your workplace and this blog is designed to highlight some great starting points. 

  1. Shifting staff behaviour to support cultural change
  2. More sustainable office catering and parties
  3. More eco-friendly gift-giving for customers and team members
  4. Long-term initiatives towards a more sustainable workplace

When approaching the transformation of your workplace into a more sustainable one, before trying to impose drastic behaviour changes on your employees, decision-makers should lead by example. Here are few simple steps

Cultural shift

Green leadership is critical to influencing workplace changes with authenticity. If you’re looking to implement more conscious decisions as a company, it’s important that the senior team lead from the front. There are many ways to ensure workplace that reduces waste, supports an eco-friendly lifestyle and provides the right tools for re-use behaviour. Some options may require investment from the leadership team, but in the long run this allows your business to make more eco-friendly decisions on a day-to-day basis.

While possibly not number one on the to-do list when you get back to the office, we think these “quick wins” are definitely worth pursuing:

  • Appoint a team to do a quick audit of your office and see where there’s room for improvement
  • Using smart tech to come-good on the 1980s dream of the paper-free office. Check out the amazing Remarkable for even the most ardent paper-lover.
  • Ditch single-use cups, containers, wash cloths and other single-use items replace them with reusables. Better still, make them personalized.

Next level, go with some bigger more eco-friendly options, such as:

  • Implementing cycle-to-work, public transport or rideshare subsidy schemes.
  • Introducing an incentive program to encourage staff to bring their meals in reusables.
  • Rewarding anyone who brings takeaway drinks in reusables; introduce light-hearted penalties for anyone who doesn’t. 
  • Adding lots of indoor plants to your office; you are the air you breathe! 

It goes without saying that in order to foster a positive attitude towards eco-friendly choices, change cannot be forced. Be mindful of the fact that, for some, change can be difficult. As management, it’s up to you to provide a supportive, encouraging and welcoming environment that empowers behaviour. This is the key to driving sustainable and long-term cultural changes.

Conscious Catering and Partying 

Day-to-day meetings? Breakfast events with coffee? Cocktail nights? Goodie bags for guests and customers? Everyone loves a work event, but you don’t need to sacrifice conscious decisions when catering in-house, particularly when there are so many accessible eco-friendly alternatives available. Here’s a few of our top picks that can brighten any work event – without all the single-use waste:

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So whether you’re catering for your team, hosting clients, or planning office festivities, doing it in eco-style is easier than ever with reusable alternatives.

Reusables and eco-friendly gifts

A simple way to give your office a head-start on its re-use journey is through the choice of eco-friendly gifting and reward. Has your team done an amazing job since working from home? Did someone win a specific project, or perhaps move to a new office? Just like our precious planet, your employees and customers deserve to be treated well!

The reusables market is constantly innovating and there are some wonderful high quality products that could work as the perfect gift. Gifting employees with a pack fullof reusables is a simple, affordable way to kick-start a shift in company culture, while recognizing and rewarding their value to the business.

If reusable products become commonplace in your office, it will encourage everyone to feel comfortable to use theirs when they step out for a coffee. Another great thing is that there are lots of great options, designs, styles, and sizes – so there will definitely be one for everyone. They’re also a great way to splash your logo on a beautifully designed personalized cup. Win-win? Eco-friendly gifting can provide the foundations for employees to adopt re-use behaviours, without placing the onus on them to be forced or pressured into spending their own money on sustainable products that fit the businesses objectives.

Make it a ‘forever’ thing 

It’s vital to remember that behavioural shifts don’t happen overnight. The wonderful

thing about taking steps to lessen one’s environmental impact is that, unlike many cultural fads, the climate change agenda is now part of the political mainstream. Understanding that the snowball effect of small, personal steps towards a more sustainable future will contribute.

For most people, once they are conscious about the steps, they can take to change their behaviour at work, these decisions will permeate into other parts of their life. Small changes at work could help to effect a positive change in the overall way employees approach sustainability. Ecoffee Cup are here to help you a long your journey. If you are thinking about taking that first step on your re-use journey speak to us.