5 Ways to Improve your Lockdown Walk

5 Ways to Improve your Lockdown Walk
24th March 2021 Team Ecoffee Cup
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Do you want to go for a walk? It may feel like a question that’s been asked one too many times
during lockdown. For many, a daily walk has been one of the things that has kept them going during these tough times. But for others, it represents the stark reality of this last year: lacking in freedom, spontaneity or excitement. So, with domestic and international travel still a distant dream, it’s time to look at your local neighbourhood differently – with our top five ways to reinvigorate your lockdown walk:

1. Take a Post Box Tour

Taking the same walking route for weeks on end can be tiresome, so shake things up a bit with a Post Box tour of your local neighbourhood. Google will help you find them – and while you’re there, why not send a letter to friends and loved ones around the world? A handwritten note always adds an extra personal touch – and is sure to be a nice surprise. Grab your letters, your reusable water bottle and your best walking shoes and go postal!

2. Stroll down Memory Lane

Music is a great way of taking you back to a happy place or special time. So why not make your next walk one down Memory Lane? Download one of your favourites from the past every day – and listen to them while you’re out and about. Transport yourself back to when you were 16 – pick your and listen start to finish. You may hate it, you may love it, either way, your walk is guaranteed to put a groove in your step and have you feeling great by the end of it. Alarm set, check! Album downloaded, check! Air pods charged, check! Reusable coffee cup or water bottle full, check. You’re all set.

3. Put some fun into functional

We all have to-do-lists full of boring obligations. So why not turn them into a daily challenge game to see how many of them you can power through each day. Walking the dog: 20 points. Dropping a parcel at the Post Office: 50 points. Friend admin: 30 points. Supermarket run: 30 points. Start a family competition and see who wins each day. You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done and feel a great sense of achievement each day. Challenge yourself to get things done –  all with a nice hot cuppa in your reusable cup to keep you company.

4. Make Art from your path

Get your creative juices flowing by creating a giant picture using your walking routes as the canvas (We think a big Ecoffee Cup would be a simple one to get you started.) Download an app such as Strava and get walking! Track your journey and get creative in real time.  Get your family and friends involved into a little artistic exhibition.

5. Make it even greener.

The UK is home to some amazing green and pleasant spaces – and without our local commons, parks or fields, we can only imagine how challenging lockdown would have been for everyone. With many cafes across the UK still accepting reusable coffee cups during the pandemic – under the direction of #contactless coffee – stepping out for a park stroll accompanied by your favourite brew has never been more enjoyable. While we’ll never take a dine-in coffee for granted ever again, this is certainly the next best thing while we patiently welcome the new norm.

As the days get longer, the daffodils begin to bloom and the knowledge that t-shirt weather is just around the corner, we hope these tips can help you positively reframe your lockdown walks and put a pep in your step knowing that this will not last for ever! So grab a coffee in your reusable cup, fill up your reusable water bottle and get out there with a renewed sense of excitement; we’d love to see and hear where your routes take you.