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Lucky Dip

  • Lucky Dip We Choose . You Re-Use.

    Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you? Here's your chance to choose your size – and let us do the rest. You might get a sample, you might get a solid colour that never made it, or you might even get a one-off. Who knows? One thing is for certain, you will get a massive discount! So go on, have a dip!  
          • Light, bright and beautiful to drink from
          • Independently tested in EU
          • Fully dishwasher-safe
          • Fully microwave-safe*
          • Suitable for daily usage to +100°C
          • Free from animal or animal-derived products
          • [sf_modal header="" link_type="text" link_text="Dimensions" btn_color="accent" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Button text"] Product Dimensions (EU/US)
                • Volume: 250ml/ 8oz Height: 73mm/ 2.87" Diameter (top): 80mm/ 3.15" Weight: 135gr/ 4.75oz
                • Volume: 350ml/ 12oz Height: 130mm/ 5.12” Diameter (top): 85mm/ 3.35” Weight: 157gr/ 5.53oz
                • Volume: 400 ml/ 14oz Height ​130mm / 5.12 inch Weight 157gr / 5.53 oz Top diameter - 85mm / 3.35 inch
                • Volume: 475 ml/ 16oz Height: 145mm/ 5.7” Diameter (top): 85mm/ 3.35” Weight: 204.5gr/ 7.21oz

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